THE ERA: Old Republic Era (KOTOR) 3,955 BBY

4000 years before the events of A New Hope, right after the Mandalorian Wars, in which many Jedi died and many others turned away from their masters. These young Jedi joined the forces of Revan and Malak, who lead the forces of the Republic against the Mandalorians. These two Jedi are now known to have fallen to the dark side. Exiled Jedi are not an uncommon sight on the outer rim, for although some repented their decision, the Jedi Council is not all-forgiving. A new threat to the Republic has been biding its time in the Outer Rim as well: the Sith. These so-called “Dark Jedi”, wholly in tune with the dark side of the force, are occupying the once-flourishing planets of the Outer Rim, now a seepage pit of xenophobia and poverty. Unrest in the Galactic Republic has grown swiftly as republic has turned bureaucracy. Lack of funds and mismanagement has left the planets of the Republic ripe for the plucking, and this is just what the Sith intend to do.


Please see the Adventure Log.

Star Wars: JOMS

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