Star Wars: JOMS

Jetplane Overdrive Mach Seven in Progress

Records and randomness of the JOMS saga.



The adventurers were aboard the Sweet Marie, a YT-2000 that happened to be a smuggler’s ship. In the employ of the Republic, soldier droid DC-WK endeavoured to discover evidence of the ship’s illegal activities. Arguably involved in illegal activities was Jhon, the 6-throated Ithorian Noble, who was smuggling spices from the Tion Hegemony, of delicious historical significance. For reasons of his own, the Kel Dor Jedi Pwoe Koop was headed towards Manaan, the Selkath planet. Jeff Zoidberg, the Mon Calamari Scout with a sixth sense for danger, was in the employ of the smuggling ship as a navigator. With some clever sleuthing and a bit of charm, the adventurers, unfortunately for Jhon, managed to discover evidence against the smugglers.


Upon landing on Manaan, they were briefly taken into custody for questioning and told not to leave town until the trial in which the smugglers, including the party, would find JUSTICE. Manaan’s judiciary system involves a five member panel of judges. Everyone has their price, and the adventurers intended to “encourage” that justice would be served. The judges involved were: Shaelas, Shakal, Duula, Albial, and Shelkar.

While gathering their defense for their trial, the adventurers met Granviik and Pwoe Koop tried to defeat a Firaxan shark at his request. Before he died in the water, Pwoe Koop was pulled out by the Dock Patrol and arrested. Eventually, with the help of one of the judges, he was released.

The adventurers also came into contact with the Blue Kolto Fighter’s Club, Duula’s mother, Patrick Patois, the Bothan Spynet, and some ruffians.

They left for Kashyyyk shortly after.


The adventurers landed safely on Kashyyyk, where they completed the Wookiee Initiation Rites and met two new party members Pi Rho Omicron Tau Omicron (PROTO) the Scoundrel Droid Soldier and Hanjevuuk the Wookiee Soldier. These rites allowed them to move freely and trustedly among the Wookiees.

They also participated in Life Day activities and ceremonies (see Life Day Shenanigans and helped Ralrakka give birth.

More on this as it develops!



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