Duulas Mother

The adventurers met Mrs. Duula’s Mother when they were gathering information about Duula to help in the Sweet Marie vs. Ahto City trial of 3,995 BBY. She proved to be a senile old Selkath who needed help getting to the lavatory (which was, incidentally, blocked up) and had a very beautiful voice by Selkath standards.

When her son, Duula, was younger, Mrs. Duula’s Mother tried to instill discipline and respect for his elders in the young Selkath. Whether or not she was successful remains to be seen.

The adventurers discovered that Mrs. Duula’s Mother has a seven-year itch that needs to be scratched, because her mate died several years ago. She keeps his head, along with her other most prized possessions, in a voice-locked safe that displays holos when one tries to break into it.

Easily the most important character in the entire campaign.

Duulas Mother

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