Life Day Shenanigans

The adventurers were given a grocery list of tasks to complete and items to find in exchange for Life Day presents. Here are the tasks as they were presented, and the results:

Collect Life Day presents and participate in a Wookiee gift exchange to receive a present in return! An individual can collect more than one present and will reap the reward for said task, but certain items can only be acquired through a combination of skills, and in some cases, specific skills are required (i.e: You have party members for a reason). The rewards will be based on the results! Roll for initiative!

* Hanfir lost his brother’s bowcaster in the Wawatt Archipelago, but he can’t swim! He needs someone to find it and retrieve it for him.

Winner: Jeff Zoidberg. Prize: Droidificated Item of Choice (p.40 S & V) Winner: Pwoe and DC-WK. Prize: Jet pack.

  • Murficca wants to cook a Katarn roast as part of her lifeday feast but has never cooked a day in her life! Get the right cut of meat and help her cook it!

Winner: PROTO, Jeff Zoidberg, and Pwoe. Prize: Field Kit.

  • Little Yojjevuk has had his claws caught in a Syren plant. Help him be well so that he can attend the Life Day festivities with his family.

Winner: Pwoe and Jhon. Prize: Surgery Kit.

  • Yarua has locked his Life Day present for Mithraa inside a plasteel cylinder and he can’t remember the code!

Winner: PROTO. Prize: Code Cylinder.

  • Saggracca wants to compose a poem for his wife but he doesn’t have much talent for poetry. He wants to compose a poem about the Universe in different languages to make it melodious and exotic.

Winner: See Poetry Contest. Prize: Vox-Box

  • Achrm would like to make a wood hat for his grandfather, but he needs the wood of a particular tree and his grandfather’s measurements. The local merchant refuses to sell him the wood, and he has no excuses to get his grandfather’s measurements. Since wood is hardly flexible, Achrm doesn’t want to guess.

Winner: Jhon. Prize: Cheater and Secret Compartment upgrade.

  • “Wool Gathering” – One Grandma Wookiee would like Bantha wool to make Life Day presents. However, the Bantha of Kashyyyk grow nervous if more than one person approach them at once. The problem is, you need to calm the bantha by petting it while you hold the wool in one hand and cut it with the other. She wants 6 meters of wool.

Winner: DC-WK. Prize: Electro Binoculars.

  • Yurkaar wants a holo of a beautiful Wookiee-ess for Life Day. Find out what constitutes a beautiful Wookiee and get him one.

Winner: Hanjevuuk and Jeff Zoidberg. Prize: Personal Holo Projector.

Life Day Shenanigans

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